"B​-​Sides", Old Songs, and Alternate Versions

by slowriter

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Just some songs that weren't online that I wanted to be online. Click each song for details and lyrics. Thanks!


released November 27, 2011



all rights reserved


slowriter Fort Collins, Colorado

Made 4 kids only

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Track Name: Pulse (Ft. Ya Boi Rob)
If I find you, lyin in a ditch
If I find you all cut to bits
If I find out you're tied at the wrists
You won't find me, I won't exist
I'll be there all of the time,
except for when you're asleep
and if you all got all your minds,
well then you all got more than me.

(YBR part. Don't know some of the lyrics so I'm not gonna try.)

We found your food close to the wall
If we hit it, then we wouldn't even be involved
We turned, just in time, so it's solved,
you're the one that's gonna starve tonight

(^^That part is referring to the game Snake)

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 everbody lose it
drownin in my sounds and it's only good music
me and the boys lost and we lookin for a pulse, yey
Track Name: Homecoming
I met you, devil, and I met you, god
and I found a wallet on the ground, I took it home, then I got robbed
Broke in my neighbor's house for money, then I got shot
I met the king before I ever even met you, devil
Gave him a ring, he dug a hole, and beat me up with a shovel
We were standing on the sea floor so I guess I already sunk to his level

Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then, cuz I'm coming home again

And I think I could make it right, but I drank way too much tonight
I found some sort of a loophole that was letting in some light
for a second I could read my texts and my shoes were tied way too tight
you know I tend to fight, and you know I tend to blur my sight
and you know I try to hang from balconies no matter what the height
But I wish they had the munchies like friday night, when again I tied my shoes too tight. And that's the deepest metaphor I will ever write.

Do you think about me now and then?
Do you think about me now and then, cuz I'm coming home again
Baby, do you remember when? Fireworks at lake michigan, cuz I'm comin home again.

and I know that it sounds crazy, but I think that you made me
and I know that it sounds cliche, but I think that you hate me
Track Name: Truck Song
left in the cold on winter, in the cold on winter nights
on display like christmas lights
the buzzards over our heads, know all the other buzzards circling their own heads
drawing circles in the clouds with their legs

underneath, i've got the same green frame
but my body refuses to think
underneath, i've got the same green frame
but my engine refuses to sing

rotten rubber feet, my arms are weak
and rust lives deep in my metal teeth
replaced by shiny horses with heavy hooves
and a body that eyes can see
if there's no country for old men, there's no country road for me
washed away by new technology

begging you to take new pictures of me.