TrailBlazer (2012)

by slowriter

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Jeffrey Engelbach
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Jeffrey Engelbach It's a great album to just put on and absorb. The simple guitar lines form a nice undertone to the electronic loops and vocals. The vocals are pleasant and enjoyable and the effects used on them keep the tracks from stagnating at all. The familiar samples (Light laughing, Mario's "here we go", the slasher theme from Psycho, etc.) add cool little surprise interruptions to the groove of the songs. All that plus the quirky personality of the album makes it a fun experience. Favorite track: Silver Spaceships.
Taylor Bates
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Taylor Bates By far one of my all time favorite musicians. His creative blend of flow and instrumentation truly are one of a kind.
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This is the latest collection of slowriter music. This cd is for everyone who has supported my music. Thank you. Since I put all this music out for free, please share it if you enjoy.

For any questions, comments, concerns, please visit our facebook page or email


released September 9, 2012

These songs were written, recorded, and produced by Bryan Taylor from Jan-August 2012. The last two sections of Omen were written with the help of Nick Taft and Shel Silverstein. Guitar on Omen by John Vournakis.



all rights reserved


slowriter Fort Collins, Colorado

Made 4 kids only

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Track Name: April 8
I fell out of the sky, and into submission.
I gave up the good fight in fear of breaking tradition.
My head begins to float, and I proceed without
living at all.
Solitude is all I know, but I believe that more can be recalled.

Dark endudging in the daylight in the dead of winter.
River in reverse, creating a crater, drying up the water.

I disconnected finally and stayed in place for weeks.
The seasons turned to Autumn, maybe now you'll rake the leaves.
Maybe you'll come across the pile that I lay underneath,
and realize that this cluttered mess is actually just me.
But that is only wishful thinking.
You'll bag me up and put me next to trashcans in the street.
At least I'll be with everyone I took the time to meet.
I'll see them all at once before it's time for us to leave.

How are we losing business
when the city's in an uproar?
Came down with a sickness
that can't be fixed in a drugstore.

We brought it all upon ourselves
from breaking bones to aching sores
From living on the highest shelves
to sleeping on the hardest floors
Track Name: Omen
Sounding out these vowels without the definitions
of what these words could possibly mean
Turning through the pages with endless repetition
is not quite what it seems
Looking for a message spread through the cables
to scroll across my screen
But my connection is too unstable for it to make it all the way to me

These hours are relative, so we'll cower in benefits
and I'll leave with only one thing on my mind
So-long to changing seasons,
concerned only with completion
whether it's hot outside or it's freezing

It's nothing but an omen
when our salary is cut
Frowning at the Romans
like they stole our golden guts
Howling at the moment
when our battery is up
Drowning like we're showmen
when the curtains slam shut

If you are a dreamer, a wisher, or a liar...
If you are a pretender...
come sit by my fire!
For we have some golden tales to spin
So come in, come in.
Track Name: Just A Kid
I didn't wanna be forever young
when I was just a kid,
'cause I was just a kid.
But now that I can see how free I was,
I wanna live it all again

Until the deep see grew,
and everything was buried by the salt.
Until the day I fully UNDERSTOOD
that everything would soon come to a halt.
The damage is done and our portion of land is ok,
but I can't say the same for the rest.
Endlessly hunting the right wing,
we'll find it and aim for the head.

We'll work til the moon's gone down
if only you'd listen, if only you'd listen.
I dreamed that you heard it loud
just how I intended, just how I intended.

Workin for the weekend, workin for the weekend
while we sing until we run out of words to say.
Living like a deep end, like a deep end diamond ring
that a diver will discover in the bay.

Until the deep see grew,
and everything was buried by the salt.
Until the day I fully UNDERSTOOD
that everything would soon come to a halt.
The damage is done and our portion of land is ok,
but I can't say the same for the rest.
Endlessly hunting the right wing,
we'll find it and aim for the head.

This is the end of all I know.
I leave tomorrow, it's all for show.
I'll leave you all with this goodbye.
Track Name: TrailBlazer
Each wish fell down the well, never to return again.
Not even in the daylight, not even on the moon.
But I still have hope. One day they'll come true.

This love is for nothing

Waiting. Waiting, waiting.
Waiting for the moment just to push it all away,
and make some sense of it all.

This love is for nothing

We made a wish to be upgraded, collectively.
We followed trains of thought that never stopped,
and wrote down legibly.
As solid as the fault lines.
Departed from reality.
I can't say that it is right,
but there's no where else I'd rather be.

This love is for nothing
Track Name: Silver Spaceships
All in a dream, All in a dream, The loading had begun
Flying mother nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun

Built with a capacity for the dead end days
We've been building for centuries, now the road has been paved.
We need some kind of aircraft to save the planet,
and carry us all away

Well I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun.

I thought everything was going swell and I was gonna have a good night, until the minute that I opened up my window the moonlight.
Don't let the seasons decide, live where the reasons reside. It will be beneficial in time.
Advocated by the genius who build the city,
then turned against me,
to spite all of my previous efforts

Well I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun.
Track Name: No Remission
Counting up these rings of progress
To hell with all these years of lost limbs
We used to talk by the fence in my backyard
We could stand tall again,
and let the sunset freeze at the fringe.
It's a means to an end of
No remission for these weak endorphins
A new addition to the retail portions
They will eventually burn out like an old light bulb
As soon as I'm elected, all the electricity will be put on hold.

Where'd it go?
It seems I've turned it off with my thoughts
Who am I to darken these days?
Who am I to make you only visible by candlelight?

It always seems so easy
with my head up in the clouds
I must be growing down

Oh, I move so slow since I left the rooted ground
and sunk into concrete
Who am I to darken these days?
Who am I to make you only visible by candlelight?

A haunted nostalgia is hovering around
ever since I exited the ground
Track Name: Space Case & I
deep inside this world I thought I knew
is something I don't want to see so I don't have a view
losing time on what's already overdue
tomorrow morning I'll still sleep in through the afternoon
set fire to the morning sun
retire when the morning's done
and leave it to the kids to burn
it's not the type to spell it out
the criminals that fell in doubt
won't cancel out the time they earned

we cut out all our holidays
you had an awful lot to say about your doubts
that everything's gonna be ok
but when the freight train's coming strong
it takes a long time for it to stop
even if there's a human tied up on the tracks

always running from the stream
searching for above way down from beneith
always running in my dreams
living in the moment's not what it seems
always running from the stream
i'll be leaving mile marks so you'll see
always running in my dreams
i'll be following the trail til' I'm free
Track Name: Animated
I'm animated with all these faded lines.
Why was I drawn in the first place?
The illustrations are all we have in life.
I know it couldn't have been too difficult
to erase my wondering eyes.

Why won't you draw me a new life
beside the city center.
Fill me up with blue lights.
I'd become stationary, sending sirens out.
Still, I can't figure it out.
Draw me a new life, inside an intersection.
Fill me up with red lights.
There's no more passing through then moving out of town.
Still, I can't figure it out.

Today, I found your storyboard.
Were my brainstorms that unconventional?
10 key frames from the end, we made a deal.
My features are feeding off your feelings,
and need a meal.

Drowning in lead and ink,
I no longer know what to think,
so I'll take it for granted,
erase it and run,
and never get anything done.
Track Name: Reality
I can't, remember what it's like, to stare into the real sun.
These days, reality's a crime, that's easy to escape from.
I even thought about getting arrested on purpose, on purpose.
But I know from experience, I'd find some kind of loophole rendering it worthless, worthless, worthless!

So we ran so far away.
I saw the face of a mask in my jail cell.
And I don't even wanna face the day awake.
A chance to finally grow is everything I need,
so why do I keep throwing away stems and seeds?

Stuck in the shade, further away from the sun.
Stuck in a haze, I don't know what I've become.

My features had fallen and forfeited fortunate days,
But deep in my conscience I'm hateful of what I became.
I'm not saying it's wrong if you follow the path that I paved,
But for me, it's a dead end, and I'm glad I remember the way.
Track Name: Van Song
Maybe my conscience knows what's best for me.
To shed some light, I made an offhanded remark,
hoping it'd reach the western sea.
But it's already bright enough there,
cause i didn't feel right there.
I took off my mask and I burned out so fast
that my dream come true started to feel like a nightmare

Leave it all to me to be unable to adjust
to something I just attained, I'm always in such a rush
I need to slow down
I might need to slow it down.
Leave it all to me to be unable to adjust
to weather in the smallest amounts of rain
when I already live in a flood,
and the surface level is above

slow down

I'm as stable as the cracked sidewalk where we lost control.
The thought of staying in my lane was covered up by the thought of driving home.
I think it in my brain, I feel it in my bones.
I know i made the right move, but I want it to be known that if I had a chance to do it all again,
I'd never leave that van until the road came to an end.

slow down

don't you worry bout the end of days
I won't be subject to falling down afraid of fate
no more!